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SCAI Innovation Conference


Le 31 janvier 2019
de 10h30 à 17h00

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Grand Hotel Kempinski

Quai du Mont-Blanc 19
1201 Genève


Following its successful 1st and 2nd editions, SCAI organizes once again the SCAI Innovation Conference, this year on the topic of "All Eyes on the Arbitrator - New Approaches to Arbitrator Selection and Case Management". With panels discussing the ideal arbitrator, the efficient and robust arbitrator, and much more, the 3rd Edition of the SCAI Innovation Conference will gather panellists from all over the world.


Panel 1: The ideal arbitrator – how to make the selection
- What are the (new) skills that parties look for in an arbitrator?
- Diversity: the new selection dogma?
- Is it time to do away with unilateral appointments?
- Data-based arbitrator selection: a blessing or a curse?
- Standards of disclosure: going far enough or too far?
Discussion: the arbitrator selection – a need for innovation?

Panel 2: The efficient and robust arbitrator
- The “judicialization” of arbitration: should we make arbitration "simpler" again?
- Do we need more pro-active arbitrators (see the proposed Prague Rules)?
- “Due process paranoia” and how to deal with it?
- New technologies for arbitrators?
Discussion: does innovation mean going back to the roots of arbitration?

Panel 3: Arbitrators’ Lounge
An intergenerational panel of arbitrators exchanges ideas and thoughts on the preceding discussions with the participants.


Gabrielle Nater-Bass, Diana Akikol, Alexandra Johnson, Christoph Brunner, Peter Hostansky, Marie Berard, Utku Cosar, Urs Weber-Stecher, Michael Lazopoulos, Dorleta Vicente, James H. Boykin, Andrey Panov, Anna Masser, Noradèle Radjai, Paolo Michele Patocchi, Deva Villanúa, Nathalie Voser, Roland Ziadé, Sandra de Vito Bieri, Simon Gabriel, Vincent Subilia, Caroline Ming

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Swiss Chambers' Arbitration Institution (SCAI)