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The Law of Climate Change

Droit international, Droit international public

Du 28 octobre 2021 - 9h00
au 29 octobre 2021 - 17h00

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This course examines the concepts and principles in the Law of Climate Change. The international framework, in agreements, conventions and governance, is explored with the focus on major challenges and priorities.

The teaching will focus on commitments, emissions trading, funding, information disclosure, litigation, monitoring, taxes, the social cost of carbon, traditional regulation, transparency, verification and emerging issues in environmental justice. This global foundation is developed further with analysis of regional approaches, including Europe (the EU), and national approaches, primarily Asia (China) and North America (U.S.), as part of understanding implementation, in concert with critical assessment and evaluation. Case studies are also used to further illuminate theory and practice, aspirations and achievements, based on authoritative sources of scholarship.



28 October

29 October


Professor Lawrence Watters has previously taught at the University of Auckland, the University of Copenhagen, the University of Hanover and the University of Lausanne. He was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Oslo for a year, returning a number of times to present seminars. He taught at the University of Washington in the Program on the Environment, Law, Society and Justice; and, the Jackson School of International Studies.

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